Tree Climbing

Girl Climbing TreeDo you remember that special climbing tree? The tree outside your window, that spooky tree down the street in the empty lot, or the ancient tree in Grandma’s backyard? Remember that giant canopy that called you up into its branches? Freedom, excitement, a rush of adrenaline and the thrill of adventure...our reasons for climbing are still the same today.

Tree Top Excursions are about safely having fun, exploring our natural environment and learning about ourselves in the process. Experience Canopy-Adventure-Research-Educational Technical Tree Climbing (CARE TTC), the rope assisted technical tree climbing offered at Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. Come experience this unique program on Charlie Elliott's featured climbing tree, "Charlie," a Willow Oak topping out around 90 feet!

A liability/waiver form as well as photo release form must be completed before attending a Tree Climbing Workshop. Fill out a liability/waiver form and photo release form and email to Jody Rice at

    Tree Top Excursions: CARE TTC

    Group Event Climbs

    This exciting climb was established for private gatherings such as birthday parties, church groups, scouting activities, school field trips, or corporate retreats. Our group climbs go hand-in-hand with team building and environmental education, and is suitable for all ages and abilities. A treetop station can be requested for journaling, identifying flora and fauna, scientific collection and observation. A group contact request form required.


    $200 for first 10 participants; $20 for each additional person

    Night Climbs

    Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center nocturnal climbs will open up a world of discovery in a outdoor living classroom. Experience fluorescent lichen, nocturnal critters, unbelievable stargazing and other night climbing activities. We may even have an appearance by our local nighttime resident, the Barred Owl.


    $25 per person

    ZZZ’s in the Trees

    Come join us in the treetop canopy for a tranquil night aloft as you lay in your “treeboat” viewing the stars that glimmer like diamonds in the sky. A treetop bivouac camp will be established in our secluded climbing tree for a unique overnight experience. Climbers should bring their own supper, breakfast and bedding, and we will provide the thrills!


    $125 per person

    Wild Climbs

    Wild Climbs are for those who like their fun off the beaten path. Climbers will leave established climbing groves and strike off to the unknown backcountry to access wild trees of the forest or swamp. This allows climbers excellent opportunities to expand their wilderness experience, and gives naturalists access to the arboreal canopy for exploration and research.


    $50 per person (additional charges may apply)

    Special Needs

    We do offer treetop canopy assistance to special needs individuals provided prior arrangements have been made and approved. Please call Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center at 770-784-3059 for more information.

    Canopy Research

    Owl Boxes (Photos)

    To Register

    • Call or email Jody Rice at 770-784-3059 or
    • All Tree Top Excursion climbs require pre-registration and pre-payment to secure a climbing slot.
    • All participants must complete a Liability Release Form.
    • Please notify a CEWC staff member of any special needs in advance.
    • We recommend ages 8 and up for CARE TTC activities unless stated otherwise.
    • A Group Contract Request Form must be completed for groups and organizations.
    • CARE TTC programs are subject to change due inclement weather.
    • Program prices are subject to change based on off-site traveling expenses and special requests. Please contact Jody Rice at 770-784-3059 or for further details.
    • All prices are subject to change.

    Cancellation & Refunds

    • Programs/workshops will be paid within a minimum of two weeks prior to the event, unless stated otherwise.
    • In case of bad weather occurring at the program location or emergency (in an emergency situation, we may require confirmation), either a full refund will be given or program will be rescheduled, unless stated otherwise.
    • Please contact us at 770-784-3059 for cancellations or rescheduling of programs.

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