About the Go Fish Education Center

The Education Center

The Go Fish Education Center operated by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division and is core to the Go Fish Georgia Initiative. The Center’s facilities, programs and outreach directly support the Initiative’s mission to promote and enhance boating and fishing tourism in Georgia and to boost economic development in communities across the state. This initiative will result in quality fisheries resources statewide, including family friendly fishing and recreation access points that will increase fishing participation in Georgia.

Learn more about the Wildlife Resources Division’s mission.

Go Fish Initiative

“Fishing is an important part of my childhood and an activity that I still enjoy today. The Go Fish Georgia Initiative encourages families to spend time outdoors together making memories that will last a lifetime,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “It also will allow us to improve our fishing resources and boat access, drawing more tourists and professional anglers into our state to fish which will have a positive economic impact in many rural areas.”

The Go Fish Initiative seeks to establish Georgia as a national fishing destination through a three-tiered approach:

  • Improving the quality of fishing in Georgia waters;
  • Improving access to water bodies for fishing in Georgia; and
  • Increasing participation through active promotion and marketing of Georgia’s exceptional fishing resources

The Go Fish Education Center and fish hatchery directly address objectives 1 and 3, above. Additionally, the Center and Initiative will promote fishing as a family-friendly, fun activity that over one million people across the state already enjoy and encourage others to get outside with their children and give fishing a try.

The Bass Trail Boating Access

The Georgia Bass Trail is a statewide system of large boating access areas capable of supporting large tournament events and normal boating and fishing activities on major water bodies. The trail was developed though community partnership and is made up of the following, tournament style, boating access facilities—each providing its own unique bass fishing experience.

  • Laurel Park, Lake Lanier (Hall County)
  • Gum Branch, Lake Hartwell (Franklin County)
  • Tugaloo State Park, Lake Hartwell (Franklin County)
  • Wildwood Park, Clarks Hill (Columbia County)
  • Early May Boat Basin, Lake Seminole (Bainbridge)
  • Pyne Road Park, West Point (Troup County/LaGrange) 
  • Richard B. Russell State Park, Richard B. Russell (Elbert County)
  • Robert Baurle Ramp, Savannah River (Augusta/Richmond County)
  • Burton's Ferry Boat Landing, Savannah River (Screven County)
  • Tuckasee King, Savannah River (Effingham County)
  • Houlahan Bridge, Savannah River (Port Wentworth)
  • Veterans Memorial State Park, Lake Blackshear (Crisp County)
  • Altamaha Park, Altamaha River (Glynn County)
  • Jaycee Landing, Altamaha River (Jesup)
  • Buckeye Landing, Oconee River (Laurens County)
  • Reynolds Landing, Lake Seminole (Seminole County)

Check out our Interactive Fishing & Boating Map, to locate these and hundreds more boating and fishing opportunities in Georgia.

Did You Know?

  • A major bass fishing tournament can have a $4–5 million economic impact on the local community. A championship event can have a $27 million economic impact.
  • Anglers spend more than $1.1 billion yearly on fishing in Georgia with an economic impact of more than $1.9 billion, generating an estimated 10,600 jobs.
  • Approximately 1.2 million resident anglers fish Georgia's diverse freshwater resources that include more than 4,000 miles of trout streams, 12,000 miles of warm water streams wider than 10 feet, and 500,000 acres of impoundments.
  • Georgia holds the world record largemouth bass weighing 22 pounds, 4 ounces, caught in Montgomery Lake, Georgia in 1932.
  • Sport Fish Restoration Program and license fees pay for freshwater and saltwater programs and activities to benefit these resources.
  • Approximately 310 Kids Fishing Events are held annually in Georgia. These events typically bring 24,000 attendees, 4,000 first time anglers, and 13,000 catching at least one fish.
  • Each year Georgia recognizes anglers for their exceptional catches. Georgia anglers are encouraged to submit potential big catches to the Angler Award Program.
  • Georgia is home to six world record fish:
    • Largemouth Bass: 22 lbs. 4oz.
    • Shoal Bass: 8 lbs. 3oz.
    • Suwanee Bass: 3 lbs. 9oz.
    • Chain Pickerel: 9 lbs. 6oz.
    • Redfin Pickerel: 2 lbs. 10 oz.
    • Flier: 1 lb. 4 oz.