Out My Backdoor: Redbuds Are on Parade

By Terry W. Johnson

One of the things I enjoy most about spring is that at this time of year we are treated to Mother Nature's annual parade of wildflowers. This special event actually begins before the official arrival of spring and extends well into May. Like the bands, floats and marchers in a traditional parade, each of our wildflowers appears across the Georgia countryside in an ordered sequence.

Out My Backdoor: Mosquito Hawks on Patrol

By Terry W. Johnson

There is an amazing array of wildlife that live in our backyards. Beyond a shadow of a doubt the two groups of animals that garner most of our attention are birds and butterflies. However, this is slowly changing as more Georgians are beginning to focus their attention on dragonflies. These people have discovered that dragonflies are every bit as beautiful and fascinating as the headliners of the wildlife show staged daily in their backyards.

Out My Backdoor: Discouraging Insects from Hummer Feeders

By Terry W. Johnson

Now that we have celebrated Memorial Day, Georgia hummingbird enthusiasts know the time is drawing near when the numbers of hummingbirds visiting their feeders will soon be rising. They also realize that more ants, yellow jackets, honeybees and wasps will be converging on hummingbird feeders in search of a sugary meal. This can cause problems for hummingbirds and humans alike.

Knowing what lies in store, let's take a quick look at some strategies you can employ to thwart the advances of these insects.